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Creating the space you need to grow

Our engineers, smart hands and account managers are on hand to assist.

Remote hands

Sending your IT team to perform a software update can be costly, time consuming and impractical. As part of our colocation services, our data center offers ‘remote hands’ technicians to serve as an extension of your team. They are available 24/7 to provide the support you need and complete tasks on your behalf – whether that’s managing deliveries and installations, updating software, equipment audits or simply a staff escort to the rack space. Rapid response times and continuous delivery means that you can be assured your business operations won’t be interrupted.

Project management

Managing the countless aspects of system installation – from planning to design to execution – demands focus and expertise. Our skilled and experienced team provides comprehensive project management services to ensure the successful installation of your data center deployment.

Data center migration

Relocating your data is complicated and with rick factors. SpaceDC is on hand to ensure your move is completed with minimal downtime and impact. Our experienced migration specialists have the expertise and tools to help you plan and execute your data center migration. From infrastructure assessment to final testing, we will work with your network, security and compliance teams to ensure we successfully implement your data center deployment.

Office space

SpaceDC offers multiple office rental options within our facilities for 1 month or more, whether they use the space on a daily basis or as a secondary worksite your team can work in comfort. With onsite meeting rooms, parking and office facilities available, we can accommodate your needs.

Staging space

To help protect our customers’ equipment investment and make installations easier, SpaceDC offers dedicated staging spaces for pre build and testing before moving your equipment to the data hall.


Our highly experienced team of pre engineering specialists, with update to date network and rack optimization expertise, are on hand to create a bespoke space that supports your business needs. The team can provide technical and engineering consultation services such as auditing your proposed deployment configuration to ensure it is fit for purpose from day one.

De-packing Space

SpaceDC’s dedicated de-packing space allows you to unpack your equipment safely and securely. All our rooms are equipped with lockers and CCTV both inside and out. With advance booking, we can meet you when it suits and conveniently dispose of all packaging once unpacked.

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