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Solutions that grow with you

Resilient, secure and customizable data centers solution to suit your business needs today and tomorrow.


Scale your IT infrastructure with ease using SpaceDC’s colocation solution, designed to provide flexibility and efficiency as your business grows. We work with you to determine your space, power, support and security needs and make adjustments quickly and safely, ensuring your data is secure and available 24/7.


Get more space to grow with our bespoke wholesale solution. Our pre-engineering team is on hand to create a design that meets your capacity requirements while giving you maximum privacy and control.


Future proof your business with a hyperscale data center facility that equips your enterprise with the capacity to grow. Secure, reliable connectivity paired with end to end flexibility allows you to safely customize data halls, with an experienced operations and maintenance team on hand to protect your critical IT infrastructure round the clock.

De-packing Space

SpaceDC’s dedicated de-packing space allows you to unpack your equipment safely and securely. All our rooms are equipped with lockers and CCTV both inside and out. With advance booking, we can meet you when it suits and conveniently dispose of all packaging once unpacked.

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