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World class quality spaces

Delivering maximum uptime, efficiency and performance.

Design Philosophy

Digital transformation is influencing business requirements today and data center design is evolving to meet those needs. There are various ways when it comes to a building a facility, but a set of unique design philosophies is what sets SpaceDC apart from the rest. Based on providing an efficient, reliable and network rich facility, SpaceDC incorporates these design philosophies to ensure maximum power savings and uptime availability.

Account Services

There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to data center management. As our valuable client, you will be dedicated an experienced SpaceDC account manager to provide all the support you need in terms of data center requirement. 


Sustainability is at the heart of SpaceDC’s company philosophy. Maximizing data center overall efficiency and lowering their PUE drives our design decisions and overarching operations framework. Working with our suppliers and customers, together we are building facilities with a lower carbon footprint that we can depend on for today and tomorrow.


Together we are the custodian of your company’s single most valuable asset, business critical data. Our facilities’ state of the art, eight layers of physical security gives you peace of mind and total confidence that your data center partner is keeping your data safe and secure 24/7.


SpaceDC data centers provides you with a rich connectivity ecosystem through a diverse campus network, 4x MMRs per facility, high performing IX platform and multiple ISPs with dark fibre connections. Designed with redundancy and resilience in mind you can confidently build a connectivity configuration to suit your business needs.


With 24 hours monitoring systems and preventive infrastructure our data centers can effectively mitigate loss of power from multiple events such as floods and earthquakes. Our emergency response and business continuity plans ensure our teams quickly resume operations with no disruption to your business.  

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