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Demand outstripping supply for green data centers

Did you know replacing an old server with a greener design can save up to 1 ton of carbon emissions? Data centers require large amounts of power, cooling and space to operate. The ever increasing demand for data means their carbon foot print is growing.

Key drivers like Regulation No 82 in Indonesia and companies questioning their suppliers about their carbon footprint are driving demand for green data centers in the Asia Pacific. Demand is now outstripping supply due to a booming IT sector.

This emerging trend is seeing the world’s largest companies move to green data centers:

Apple’s data center in North Carolina combines two 100-acre solar farms with a multiple fuel-cell electricity generator using bio-gas from nearby landfills.

Amazon is building a wind farm in Ohio that will generate 820,000-megawatt hours wind-generated power to plug into the Ohio grid. It will feed its data and distribution centers.

Facebook has built a data center at hydropower plant in northern Sweden therefore it generates 100% of its power.

Data center suppliers such as SpaceDC are building facilities that optimize energy performance and reduce environmental impact. They are using natural air cooling, low emission building materials, waste recycling and natural gas in their designs.

With governments forcing companies to go green through legislation means demand is outstripping supply. Start researching green data centers now to make sure your company is at the front of the queue!

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