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Top 5 reasons you should store your Data in Asia

Businesses all around the world need secure, fast, and reliable places to store the most important information they have: their data. In Asia, and particularly in Indonesia, there is a surge in demand for improved and higher-capacity data storage which is caused by a combination of expanding global cloud providers and increased network connectivity.

Additionally, wherever there is higher demand, there often follows a surge in new providers looking to capitalize on need while neglecting to focus on quality. As you explore data centers in Asia, it’s critical that you find a provider that is as committed to quality as it is to being a secure and highly available hyperscale data center.

But why store data in Indonesia at all? If you’re just expanding your business to the Asia-Pacific region, or if you are considering doing so, here are five reasons you should store your data in Jakarta:

1. It’s the law

It has already been five years since Indonesia passed Government Regulation 82 (GR82), which mandates that “electronic system operators for ‘public services’” use data centers based in Indonesia. Public services could include industries such as “banking, insurance, health, security, industrial services and social activities…that are serving an Indonesian customer base through some digital means or housing Indonesian data.” (Indonesia moves towards comprehensive data law)

There is still a year left in the transition for companies to comply with this legislation, but businesses new to the country would do well to avoid potential interruptions to service by using a local data center from the outset.

2. It’s faster

Local data means faster connectivity. Storing your data in-country rather than overseas ensures better latency and more reliable network connections. Don’t get stuck with downtime or waiting for access to your data—keep it close and you’ll have better access at all times.

3. It’s good business

An important part of expanding your company to other parts of the world is maintaining good relationships with the people who live there. By storing your data in the country where you are conducting business, you are investing in the local economy. This boosts your reputation in the community and can lead to long-term investment from your target market.

4. It’s cost-effective

By storing your data in the country where it’s being used, you reduce overall network costs. Even though it’s all “in the cloud”, it takes time and energy for information to travel long distance over networks. Not only that, but using a solid local data center run by experts in the delivery of quality facilities avoids wasted capital.

5. It’s good quality

As data center facilities continue to increase in Asia, the quality of facilities is going up also. In fact, a new international quality, Tier IV facility is currently being built in Jakarta. This facility will be completed in December 2020, and will adhere to the same strict standards of innovative and efficient data centers in Australia, Europe and the US.

It doesn’t just make good business sense to go local with your data, though. It’s also critical to use facilities that adhere to strict operational procedures, and maintenance. That’s why Polymer Connected exists. Polymer Connected focuses on delivering high-quality, secure, and sustainable data centers. Through our commitment to international design standards, green power usage, and the highest performance and availability, we aim to be the provider of choice for businesses in the Asia-Pacific marketplace.

If you would like to learn more about our data centers and how we can assist with your growth in Indonesia, get in touch with us today.

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