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Polymer Connected opens offices in Jakarta

Darren Hawkins, President of the visionary data center provider Polymer Connected, is delighted to announce the company’s new offices opening in Jakarta. Located in the heart of the bustling city center, Polymer Connected will be opening its doors in the iconic Indonesian Stock Exchange, or IDX, Building.

Opening offices in the center of business and commerce in Jakarta will give the Polymer Connected team greater opportunities to connect with customers, to understand the needs of local businesses, and to drive their goal of being a leading provider of sustainable and innovative data centers in Asia.

“I’m excited to put down roots in Jakarta in such a key location for business here,” Hawkins said. “I’m also thrilled to have our Country Sales Director for Indonesia on board, Nico Kiroyan. Nico has decades of experience working with Indonesian and Australian governments and investors, and he will be a key part of the Polymer Connected team, driving our sales and marketing on the ground in Jakarta.”

Polymer Connected is a visionary data center provider focused on delivering high-quality, secure, and sustainable cloud storage. Each one of our data centers is a secure, network-rich, and sustainable Tier 4 facility, which can be customized to meet the demands of cloud, hybrid, and fintech organizations. You can read more about Polymer Connected here ( Alternatively, get in touch with us to find out more about our data centers.

The Polymer Connected offices are in Tower 2, Level 17 of the IDX Building.

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