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SpaceDC’s data center campus, first in Indonesia to feature advanced cooling technology to facilitate energy and space efficiencies

7th April 2020 – To safeguard mission critical environments, SpaceDC will be deploying Vertiv’s thermal wall technology in their first facility in Jakarta, Indonesia. This approach not only helps to increase the overall efficiency of the campus, it also reduces the amount of plant space required to cool the data center. It will be the first for Indonesia that SpaceDC is featuring this advanced cooling technology.

To deliver the most efficient cooling possible, SpaceDC together with Vertiv and DKSH Indonesia, the Leading Market Expansion Services provider and the exclusive distributor of Vertiv in Indonesia, have determined that this will prove to be the most effective method to precision cool the data hall space. This approach uses cool air fed in a horizontal direction from the side of the wall into the data hall.

“As the cloud and edge become more prominent in today’s data center ecosystem, it is becoming increasingly clear that there is an evolution happening in the data center,” said John Niemann, Vice President of Global Offerings at Vertiv. “Creativity and versatility are required to meet the demands of today’s diverse facilities. In this spirit, Vertiv’s thermal wall meets the physical space limitations and energy efficiency requirements of SpaceDC while delivering reliable, facility-wide thermal management.”

“Vertiv and DKSH are proud to support the deployment of Vertiv’s thermal wall in Indonesia to enable at the same time high cooling capacity and high level of energy efficiency. SpaceDC is bringing to Indonesia an innovative way to design and operate data centers, being pioneers to adopt best in class cooling solutions,” remarked Mr Benoit Fissot, Managing Director, Business Unit Technology, DKSH Indonesia.

The thermal walls feature large coils that require lesser pressure to be applied. This design passes air across wider surface areas, and thus reduces the amount of energy needed to power them, and subsequently the data hall.

SpaceDC designs the location of the thermal walls to be placed outside the data hall to remove the need to enter for maintenance and reduces the risk of water potentially leaking in.

Darren Hawkins, CEO of SpaceDC said, “To ensure that our data center is reliable, resilient and efficient we are deploying a number of innovations into the ID01 facility. The Vertiv thermal wall is the first of several initiatives we will be announcing as we approach completion of the campus.”

About SpaceDC

Headquartered in Singapore, SpaceDC is passionate about creating data centers that provide our customers with the infrastructure they need to grow their business across Southeast Asia’s fast moving digital markets. With over 60 years’ experience designing, building and operating facilities around the globe, we know how to construct and manage state-of-the-art data centers.

No matter the business sector or size, you can count on SpaceDC to meet your data solution needs – today and tomorrow.

Our campuses are strategically located to tap the cities’ natural resources and maximize accessibility. They feature multiple layers of security, dark fiber connectivity and very low PUEs to ensure your business-critical data is always secure and accessible. We offer a collaborative partnership that enables you to hyperscale on a long-term lease.


About DKSH

DKSH is the leading Market Expansion Services provider with a focus on Asia. The Group helps companies to grow across the Business Units Healthcare, Consumer Goods, Performance Materials and Technology. The service portfolio covers sourcing, market insights, marketing and sales, eCommerce, distribution and logistics as well as after-sales services. Publicly listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange, the Group operates in 36 markets with 33,350 specialists, generating net sales of CHF 11.6 billion in 2019. With its Swiss heritage, DKSH has been deeply rooted in Asia Pacific since 1865. The DKSH Business Unit Technology offers complete solutions for specialized industrial applications. With around 1,670 specialists, the Business Unit generated net sales of CHF 431.9 million in 2019.

About Vertiv

Vertiv (NYSE: VRT) brings together hardware, software, analytics and ongoing services to ensure its customers’ vital applications run continuously, perform optimally and grow with their business needs. As Architects of Continuity™, Vertiv solves the most important challenges facing today’s data centers, communication networks and commercial and industrial facilities with a portfolio of power, cooling and IT infrastructure solutions and services that extends from the cloud to the edge of the network. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, USA, Vertiv employs approximately 20,000 people and does business in more than 130 countries. For more information, and for the latest news and content from Vertiv, visit


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SpaceDC | +65 88090222

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Notes to Editors:

About Darren Hawkins, CEO of SpaceDC
Darren Hawkins is Chief Executive Officer, SpaceDC. He draws on more than 30 years of experience in construction and information technology and has a proven reputation for delivering a broad range of high-capital projects throughout Asia, Europe and Australia, projects that have scaled to USD 10 billion. His leadership team has a wealth of experience across a broad range of businesses for data center design and operation including that of investment and stakeholder management as well as business and government in the Asia-Pacific region.


Background information about the Indonesian market for Data Centers

  1. With a population of 575 million, 350 million internet users and 390 million active mobile users, Southeast Asia’s digital economy is forecast to triple to USD 240 billion by 2025. Data centers represent the backbone of this movement. Cloud based services and the fact that the younger population is becoming older is a key factor driving the data center market growth in fast moving markets.

  2. There are 132 data centers in Southeast Asia as of Aug 2019. The data center construction market in Southeast Asia is expected to reach $2bn by 2024, according to ResearchAndMarkets, with a CAGR of 7% between 2018 and 2024.

  3. Jakarta currently has 50.2MW data center capacity with an incremental 70MW in the pipeline by 2021. SpaceDCplans to bring on 26.6MW of capacity by June 2021, which represents a 38% of the current pipeline, and 22% of the overall data center capacity in Indonesia by 2021.

  4. Over 260 million people live in Indonesia, the largest economy in Southeast Asia. 65 percent of the population are active internet users, which is attracting multinationals including Google, Alibaba and Amazon and increasing demand for data centers.

  5. Data sovereignty, regulation and demand for cloud computing are the driving factors that are attracting hyperscale cloud providers.

  6. Impending implementation of 5G networks as well as the enforcement of government regulation (PP 82/2012) are attracting international clients to Jakarta.

  7. Cloud computing hit USD 1.3 billion in Indonesia in 2018, up from USD 160 million in 2012

  8. Market demand in Indonesia will drive expansion opportunities both in the current Jakarta data center market as well as new developments in greater Jakarta and throughout Indonesia.



  1. SpaceDC is leveraging over 60 years of team experience in creating state-of-the-art data centers to help businesses grow in Southeast Asia’s fast-moving digital markets. it’s the team has strong relationships with, and a detailed understanding of the key requirements of global players, having designed and built data centers from 2MW to 75MW facilities across the Asia Pacific

  2. SpaceDC is building and operating data center campuses that are strategically located to tap the host cities’ natural resources. The first of such campus is at Jakarta Barat, Jakarta, Indonesia. It will tap the natural gas pipelines and ISP cables and will include a 2.6MW and a 24MW facility. Its cutting-edge design and infrastructure will deliver energy efficiency to meet environmental and sustainability objectives

  3. SpaceDC offers a collaborative partnership that enables businesses to hyperscale or wholesale on a long-term lease

  4. SpaceDC will set new standards for data center reliability, flexibility and energy efficiency. Its data centers feature multiple physical and digital layers of security to protect business critical data 24/7, diverse network connectivity and low PUE.

  5. SpaceDC offers customers flexible facility design including server room customization and colocation space by the rack.


ID01 – SpaceDC’s Jakarta campus

  1. To help businesses grow, SpaceDC is leveraging over 60 years of data center design and development experience to create state-of-the-art data center solutions in Indonesia

  2. SpaceDC’s first, strategically located data center campus in Jakarta is designed to international standards, and applies best-practice standards for accessibility, security and energy efficiency

  3. SpaceDC is building a data center campus at Jakarta Barat that is strategically situated to tap Jakarta’s natural gas pipelines and ISP cables. The campus will include a 2.6MW and a 24MW facility

  4. Best practice principles have been applied to ensure that SpaceDC data centers are scalable, secure and efficient. The campus is designed to operate reliably, be equipped with high fault tolerance and to offer the highest uptime availability of no less than 99.982%

  5. The visionary campus is designed to help businesses unlock their growth opportunity in Indonesia’s fast-growing digital market. Its innovative infrastructure offers benefits such as multiple layers of security, dark fiber connectivity up to 15 ISPs, and PUEs of less than 1.5 when fully loaded, ensuring business-critical data is always secure and accessible

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