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Milestones and updates.

The concept of Space

In 1977 Architect Christopher Alexander published A Pattern Language. The book studies the patterns that exist in everyday space such as engineering elements. This book would become the inspiration for the development of Object Oriented Programming, the language that operates software coding today. Architecture has indeed played a great role in the development of modern computing. More recently, data centers have also undertaken change inspired by similar notions of space, their types and re-use. Data centres have become modular, scalable, repeatable, expandable spaces.

In starting Space DC we embrace these development concepts, we challenge the status quo, and we certainly don’t believe in accepting the norms. We believe we are only limited by our imagination, and true progress is only achievable when we challenge conventions and find ways to do it differently and do it better. By constantly pushing the boundaries, we create innovative spaces that help our customer grow their businesses.

We believe in designing solutions that provide contiguous data centre space through unique facility designs for our customers. All data centers exist within a built environment, the space we occupy, they are derived from Architectural intent. Data Centers however also by function reflect modern computing requirements that are being developed at an increasing in pace of change. Modern data centers are by necessity are required to change in a modular Manner, a scalable Manner, and a timely Manner. They must possess resilience, redundancy, and efficiency. We create data centres that are the right space. We embrace these challenges and the ever growing and demanding nature of information technology. We respond to them actively with precision focus.

We recognise that throughout Asia, data center demand is rapidly changing, fast emerging digital markets require quality data center infrastructure. Our team are focussed on listening to customers, creating space for their business to grow in the digital world, we develop the language patterns for modern data center development.
The patterns for modern data center space.

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